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Sierra Nevada White Granite stone emanates a soothing reflection.

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Nature’s timeless beauty makes a quiet yet profound statement.  It speaks of a tranquillity beyond ourselves.

We offer the finest of Sierra Nevada White Granite at guaranteed lowest prices.

Skillful placement of our stone, to replicate a natural scene in your landscape, can deliver a “peace” of the Sierras to your home.

Natural granite endures the centuries and the millenniums.

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Long after man-made imitations are faded and ready to be discarded, these specimen granite stones will be ready to face the millenniums.  They are estimated to naturally erode only one inch over a 10,000 year period.

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Sierra Nevada White Granite 3230 Ophir Hill Rd.                Washoe Valley, Nevada


Sierra Nevada White Granite is unique in color and textural quality.  These stones have appealing natural shapes.  Such quality, together with unbeatable pricing, make it the best choice for many masonry and landscape projects.

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