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All of our stone products are predominantly a soft white color with occasional variants of orange. Having bright quartz and mica elements, it has a faint, pleasant sparkle. Unlike softer or darker natured stone, white granite is not easily scarred.  

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Sierra Nevada White Granite is the premier choice for quality and value in stone siding and landscape applications.  Please compare our stone and these prices!


Masonry Stone, (loose or palletized)

$60/$65 per ton


Other charges, ($10 ea.), apply for palletization.



Non-select Boulders

$18 per ton


Select Boulders, (any available size)

$50 per ton


Gravel, (small or large)

$20 per ton


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Masonry Stone

Standard Masonry sort is between 4” and 8”Click for more information about our Masonry Stone. in thickness and covers 35-40 sq. ft. of wall per ton.  Its shape is mostly angular, commonly having one or more flat surfaces.  This permits a more flat, wall-like job than river rock products.  It is a very stackable stone.Click for cobblestone information and photo enlargement.
Cobblestones… Additionally, we are sorting another masonry size, (3” - 5”cobblestone).  Its pricing is identical to our standard masonry stone.

Non-select Boulders

Non-select… These boulders have had the “Select Fancy” stones removed and are only sold in dumptruck loads without any sorting.  Although you will receive quality boulders with every bulk purchase of Non-select boulders, we also offer a higher grade of stone…

Select Boulders

Select Fancy… We select specimens with especially appealing shapes, colors or other exceptional characteristics. A  variety of sizes will be included.
Select Sizing… Whenever a project requires particular sizes of boulders, we can accommodate.  We will individually select each boulder within reasonable parameters.  We may need advance notice for Select Sizing orders.  Larger boulders weighing in excess of 3-4 tons may require additional crane loading charges.

Gravel and Sand

Gravel… We now offer Sierra Nevada White Granite gravels, (small ¾” and large 1½”).  Our introductory price is $20 per ton.  The quantities of gravel may be quite limited.  Please contact us for more information about any of these products or to find out about an exclusive distributorship agreement.

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Sierra Nevada White Granite is unique in color and textural quality.  These stones have appealing natural shapes.  Such quality, together with unbeatable pricing, make it the best choice for many masonry and landscape projects.

Order today!  Let us prepare the stone you need for timely shipping.


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